The digital world is memetic. Join us for 48 hours of Open Edition mints with the most based onchain.

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What is Be More BASED?

Be More BASED celebrates the works of several successful onchain artists, content creators, and builders.

On May 15th, all artists will release their own unique works to be minted for 48 hours.

This drop is supported by Transient Labs and Base.

How much will it cost to mint?

Participating creators have priced their works at 0.0042069 ETH or FREE as Open Edition mints. There is no max allowance on minting totals.

Mints will be supported on BASE/ETH, which can be bridged in advance using Base Bridge.

BASE is now supported on Transient Labs

Creators on the Transient Labs platform can now utilize the BASE chain to create onchain.

  • Deploy your own BASE contracts
  • Mint tokens using Transient innovations
  • Make your own on-demand BASE mint pages
  • Use Transient’s T.R.A.C.E. chips to add provenance to your physical works on BASE

Sign up here for access to Transient’s no-code creator platform, The Lab (currently in Beta), right now. We’ll be extending more invites soon.

How BASED are you?

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